gum liftIf you are self-conscious about your gummy smile, gum lift can be the solution. This procedure only takes 30 minutes and the benefits will appear quickly. We are going to talk about what gum lift is all about, origins, the process, and so forth. Each paragraph will give you important details about this dental procedure. People with aesthetic mouth problems will get the pleasing smile they want, but there are some important things to know about this procedure that started to be used in the 80s.

What is Gum Lift?

Gum lift is just a produce that sculpts and raises the gum line. The procedure is designed to reshape the underlying bones or/and the tissue so that it can create a symmetrical or longer teeth, thereby the smile will be made more pleasing. Gum lift is commonly done to either balance out gum lines that are considered as asymmetrical or to make a gummy smile smaller. This procedure has also been used for the treatment of gum disease, and it is also called crown-lengthening.


Dentists have been using this aesthetic procedure during the last three to five years. This practice was introduced in the 80s, but these procedures were not widely available owing to lack of dental practitioners and oral surgeons. This procedure can even be used to decrease the upper jaw´s prominence or even out gum ratio or the tooth. Contrary to gum contouring which let the gingival grow again, gum lift provides results that are considered as permanent. The smile looks more pleasing after being evened up by gum lift as well.

The Process

Gum lift removes the gum so that teeth appear longer, and your gun-line even. People who are self-conscious about their gummy smiles will benefit a lot from gun lifts. These people have upper lips that move high when smiling as they have excess gum that covers the front teeth. An attractive smile will appear when the gum-line has the same lengths for each tooth. By removing the excess gum and numbing the area, dentists are able to correct the aesthetic issue. Patients have to use mouth rinses that are antiseptic such as Q-tip and apply an upward pressure upon their gums as they start to heal. Gum lift only takes about 30 minutes and might cost up to $175 per tooth.

Gum lift has many benefits for people with aesthetic problems, especially in their mouths. The tissue of the mouth will get a reshape that will make teeth appear longer, which will benefit a lot the appearance of any mouth out there. Though the procedure is fast, it can be somewhat expensive for a lot of people out there since dentists charge up to $175 per tooth. The dental procedure evens up your teeth so that a beautiful smile is now part of your normal life, so there is no need for you to be self-conscious about your appearance any more.

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